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Common Strategies:

The BRRRR method is a popular strategy among real estate investors. It provides the ability to recycle your capital to purchase multiple properties., as well as MAXIMIZE your ROI!

Our Team performs thorough analysis of the property's position within the current housing market, along with Renovation Estimates, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Rentability Forecast and Precise Expectations for the property.  Ensure our Investors have a solid understanding of the investment and increased probability of achieving extraordinary results, time and time again.

The acronym stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat.

Here's a simple breakdown:

1. **Buy** The first step is to buy a property, and the goal here is to get a good deal, often a distressed property that's below market value.

2. **Rehab** This step involves renovating or rehabilitating the property to make it rentable and to increase its value. This could involve anything from minor cosmetic updates to significant structural repairs.

3. **Rent** After the property is rehabbed, you then find a tenant and rent out the property. The aim is to generate a steady income stream and to demonstrate the property's income potential for the refinance step.

4. **Refinance**: Once the property is rented out, you approach a lender to refinance the property. The new loan is ideally based on the new, higher value of the property. The goal is to pay off the original purchase price and rehab costs, leaving minimal capital in the property. Keep in mind that there may be seasoning periods required by some lenders before you can refinance.

5. **Repeat**: You can then use the money from the refinance to repeat the process with a new property.

Points Of Emphasis:

Heavy due-diligence is required. And working with knowledgable/reliable Contractors! We work only with High-Character contractors.

Feel free to inquire to see some of our recent BRRRR's. And learn how we have been able to achieve 100%+ Annual ROI!!!

Home "Flipping" refers to the process of buying a property with the intention of selling it for a profit. 

Many are unaware that this strategy can be achieved with little to no money down depending on your situation and goals. Though cash is typically the easiest, fastest and most lucrative. *Inquire with us to learn of certain strategies

Here are a few benefits of Flipping versus "Holding":

1) Time Investment: When done efficiently, with the right guidance, most Investors can will have their profits realized and in their pockets within 3 months of their initial investment.

2) Market Conditions: While the housing market conditions can change quickly, an experienced and knowledge Real Estate Professional can help you well-time and foresee market condition changes.

3) Cash-On-Cash Returns: Rather than waiting for long term gains through Appreciation and/or Principal Paydown. We have seen average of 30% Annual return on our Home Flip transactions.

4) Pace of Play: Flipping allows Investors to start and stop their investments very abruptly if desired. Whereas a rental property may take longer to vacate a tenant, renovate home for market conditions, then liquidate.

Points Of Emphasis:

Our track record of 100% profitable properties comes from THREE main points of emphasis. Patience, Diligence, and Standards. 

Our Success, and YOUR Success, comes from years of experience. And we are passionate about helping those who inquire.

Feel free to inquire to see some of our recent Flips that have yielded tremendous results.

This strategy is considered a Long-Term investment.  The property is acquired with the intent to rent to tenants. This can be short-term, mid-term or long-term rentals.  These can also be Single Family Homes, or Multifamily Homes consisting of 2 or more units.  

This strategy is most common for those looking to build a portfolio of rental properties and are eager to do so in the shortest amount of time.

There are many different approaches and benefits depending on the Investor's goals. Some prefer to maximize "Cash Flow", which is the monthly profit from the property after expenses are paid.  While some prefer to Net closer to $0 in effort to maximize tax advantages.  

There are a large number of strategies within Buy & Hold Investments.  Though we often work with multiple Investors simultaneously, never have we had multiple Investors interested in the same property, at the same time.  This is because every Investor's goals, criteria and timeline are unique.

Points Of Emphasis:

Criteria is key! Understanding both short term and long terms goals are key in acquiring the right properties to set you up for success in the present and future!

Feel free to inquire to have a discussion about your Goals and what strategies are best to obtain them!

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Whether you are interested in your First Investment, or an Experienced Investor, we are Passionate about helping Like-Minded individuals achieve extraordinary results through the vehicle of Real Estate Investment.

Inquire below to have a discussion about your Goals, and what strategies are best to obtain them! Understanding your Goals, Criteria and Options is half the journey.  Finding a guide you can trust, to navigate you to where you want to be, is the Game Changer!

Our track record of 100% profitable properties, and YOUR success, comes from THREE main points of emphasis. Experience, Diligence, and Standards.  

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In order for a Goal to be achieved, the First Step does not need to be perfect. It just needs to be Taken. - Robert Richmond

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